Do you like to read?

Do you like to read?  Do you like a good scare?  Then I have an author recommendation for you…Dan Poblocki.


I am currently reading The Haunting of Gabriel Ashe.  One of the lines in the first paragraph, “A pale violet mist seeped from the damp earth as the late hour secreted daylight away,” truly sets the tone in the opener of this story.  Only a few pages in, I already have the sense of anticipation building.  

The first book by this author I read was The Ghost of Graylock.  I found it to be an intense, hard to put down read.  The Haunting of Gabriel Ashe is proving to be yet another page turner.

-Mrs. Burchett


Reading Month Visitors!

We were so lucky to have Karen and Darrin Brege in our NWEL LIbrary on Friday March 17.  They are a wonderful, Michigan author and illustrator team.  Several of their books have alternate endings.  We learned that Karen had started her own comedy troup and Darrin illustrated the first 36 Johnathan Rand’s Chillers Book covers!  Students enjoyed their entertaining presentations and eagerly asked them questions.
Thanks to Rachel Martel for finding a great addition for this year’s Reading Month.
Ms.  Burchett

Hot off the Presses!

I have spent the past few years trying to encourage writing among our students here at NWEL. This year, we have started a newspaper. I have chosen six students, two from each grade level, and they will be writing articles about the happenings and people in our part of the Mountie Nation.

I asked all students to participate if they would like. We are looking for cartoons, drawings, and creative writings. Occasionally, I will post the paper within our blog for all to enjoy. Now, however, I will start with our very first page of our very first issue.


– Ms. Burchett

Reluctant Readers+Graphic Novels

When I was a girl, many, many years ago, I loved reading the newspaper’s comics.  Sunday mornings were the best because while Mom and Dad read all that boring news I was sprawled on the living room floor reading the “funny pages.”  Dennis the Menace by Hank Ketcham was my favorite.



Now, we have “graphic novels.”  These wonderfully transformed comics have become serious works of pictures and word bubbles.  I love it!  I am trying to increase our Graphic Novel section here in the Elementary Library and just recently purchased The City of Ember, written by Jeanne DuPrau, in graphic novel form.


I now want to read the full novel version, and my hope is that our reluctant readers will feel the same.

Ms. Burchett, NWEL

Halloween Poetry Slam at NWEL

      Northwest Elementary Library hosted its first ever Halloween Poetry Slam.  Mrs. Biven’s Fifth Grade class and myself combined our talents.  I decorated the Library with candelabras, flickering candle lights (battery operated of course), cobwebs, and spiders.  Mrs. Bivens supplied snacks and bowls that wanted to grab at your hands.  The students all brought their poetry.



      For an hour, or so, we enjoyed snacking while we all share our writings.  After we finished students requested to do this again at Christmas.  Who knows perhaps this will become the spot we gather to share our writing talents.


– Ms. Burchett